You can't run dedicated and client in the same folder.

Black Ops

1. Create a copy from your game to another directory.
2. Download the client/dedicated here.
3. Extract the files inside your dedicated server directory.
4. Go into the folder "main", open the server.cfg with a text editor and edit the file as you wish.
5. Forward the server port (default is 3074, you can change it in start-server.bat) in your router.
6. Run the start-server.bat and check your server.

You must forward the port 3074 (TCP/UDP) on your router and Firewall.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. I can't see my server in the list but my friends can join?
A. Some routers can have this issue, join using your Local IPV4, connect ipv4:port in the console.

2. My server is showing the following message: We are not able to reach this server, possibily others from the internet will have the same problem. Make sure you portforwarded correctly.
A. Check if you correctly port forwarded here, if you are running dedicated and server in the same computer please make sure that the client is not using the default port, open the dedicated before the client or change the dedicated port.

3. How can I run mods on my server?
A. Add the command +set fs_game mods/MODFOLDER on your startserver.bat.

4. How to port forward?
A. There are a lot of routers and a tutorial is almost impossible, either contact your ISP or search on Google for your router model + "port forward", example "thomsom tg 580 port forward" - we don't responsabilize for damages.