When you click to download you agree that this is a modification and may you can find some bugs and issues while playing, just remember that this is free service and ask for support patentiely :)

The numbers, Mason!

Comment l'installer

  1. téléchargez le RocketV2 patcher, mettez le dans le répertoire du jeu et démarrez le
  2. après que le patcher soit pret, utilisez le bouton "update" pour téléchager les patchs V2
  3. démarrez votre jeu après qu'il est finit en appuyant sur le bouton "Start"
  4. enjoy!
If you need assistence to install, register or play click here to access our FAQ.
Some users reported issues with RocketV2 Patcher, don't use the Repair option until we fix it, if you have any issues download the client manually here, extract on your game folder and run without the patcher, contact us if you need more assistance.