If you have any issues to play with this client, please read the FAQ below, if you need information about dedicated servers click here.


This tool will keep your game up to date, also you can download DLCs, languages and repair corrupted files.

  1. Error while downloading *some file*:
  2. Allow RocketV2 on firewall and antivirus.

  3. Filelist for patch *.*.*.* not available:
  4. Restart the application, if the error persists try again later or contact an admin.

  5. Could not handle File *some file*. Make sure it isn't opened in another appplication and the Patcher has the required rights to delete it:
  6. Check if the game process isn't running in background, go to Task Manager and kill BlackOpsMP.exe process and try again.

  7. Could not access *some file*:
  8. Solution "3", also make sure that your user have permissions to delete/modify files in the folder.

  9. ERROR Patcher initialisation failed:
  10. Right click on RocketV2, then go to Properties and then the Compatibility tab, select Windows XP (Service Pack 2), apply.

  11. Unable to calculate hash for *some file*:
  12. Delete the file manually and restart the RocketV2 Patcher.

  13. Do I really need the Patcher?
  14. No, you can manually update your game by extracting the desired client below into the game folder.

    Full Client Download ~ 230MB


Before you start playing, we extremely recommended to Repair your game copy with RocketV2 Patcher.

  1. Game is not starting:
  2. Open Task Manager and kill tor.exe. If it still doesn't work, try allowing t5m.exe in your firewall or retry a few minutes later. In case you're living in a country which blocks TOR, contact an admin.

  3. Couldn't load fileSysCheck.cfg:
  4. Corrupted or missing main\iw_00.iwd on your game folder, repair your game with RocketV2 Patcher.

  5. Couldn't load image 'menu_mp_map_select_area51':
  6. You have a pirated version (aka Skidrow), repair using RocketV2 Patcher or download the fix here, extract on your game folder and replace if necessary.


  1. Change nickname:
  2. Login onto the forum with your game credentials, go into your User Control Panel and change your name. It may take up to 30 minutes for the changes to apply. In the meantime you could be getting the a Ticket Verification failed 4 error.

  3. How to logout the game account:
  4. Go into your game folder and rename v2.ini. Next time you start the game it will ask you for creditentials again.

  5. How to add a friend:
  6. Login onto the forum, search for your friend nickname in the right panel and add him. There is no need to accept a friend request and your friend will see that you have added him.